KarlsReviews.com is proud to announce it's in-depth review and expose of GotBackup, the recently launched online backup service. GotBackup is the "new kid on the block" in the competitive, ever-changing field of automatic data backup solutions and cloud storage.

"One click" installation: Easy to use interface Completely unlimited file storage: No limits, no restrictions Backup of folders, drives and even network storage devices (NAS) AES-256 bit military grade encryption (transfer and storage) File versioning (up to 30 backups kept per file) & deleted file recovery Windows or Mac (identical experience on both platforms for seamless use) User controlled bandwidth throttling: Set it to max or dial it back Multiple data centers worldwide: Faster transfers and better data protection 24/7 live support via chat and email

The goal KarlsReviews set for itself was to see how well GotBackup fared against the competition and determine if it lived up to it's claims. The detailed review explores these questions and more.

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The GotBackup online backup service was found to have most of the same features as established industry leaders, and a few unique ones. The more or less "standard" features include:

"I put GotBackup through it's paces on one of our heavily used computers. Installation was fast and easy, and overall, the software performed as expected," said Karl of KarlsReviews. "There were quite a few things I really liked about this particular online backup service -- it is really fast -- and a few I didn't."

Features that were found to be unusual or unique to GotBackup include:
File sync across all devices: Desktop, tablet, cell phone, laptop, etc. Real-time streaming of movies and music from anywhere, to any device Up to five computers or devices on a single plan • Access to files via web, iOS, Android, Windows and even Blackberry

Currently, GotBackup has a $1 one week trial for it's online storage backup service, and stands behind it's service with a 30 day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.