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Huawei MA5600T Support

Le 7 août 2017, 09:19 dans Humeurs 0

Issue Description

After perform an , upgrade the system cannot boot anymore. The system tries to start-up, but when check the system memory (SDRAM) enters into a continuous loop.

We have upgraded from V800R005C01B079 to V800R005C32B136.


Alarm Information

 System start ...

Bios DDR(512M ECC) test ... 50%

[SDRAM TEST ERROR] Addr: 0x00000000  Write: 0x00000000   Read: 0x00026AFB

[SDRAM TEST ERROR] Addr: 0x00000004  Write: 0x00000001   Read: 0x00000005

 System start ...

Bios DDR(512M ECC) test ... 50%

[SDRAM TEST ERROR] Addr: 0x00000000  Write: 0x00000000   Read: 0x000260FA

[SDRAM TEST ERROR] Addr: 0x00000004  Write: 0x00000001   Read: 0x00000005

[SDRAM TEST ERROR] Addr: 0x00000008  Write: 0x00000002   Read: 0x00020000

 System start ...


Handling Process

This problem has no solution. When face this kind of trouble, it is needed to send the board back to the repair center and apply for a new/spear one.

This fault cannot be recovered outside the repair center.


Root Cause

It was discovered that such problem appear when the upgrade was not performed right.

Reasons include, but are not limited to:

1. Lost Patch Installation

2. Inconsistent start and end versions



It is recommended to read the upgrade procedure which comes with the new software version.

In case of has some doubts, it is better to open a GCRMS ticket to contact a high level support and ask it for detailed instructions about the upgrade, or even to provide a step-by-step upgrade guide, according to each special situation.

Understand Different Backup Online Storage

Le 7 juillet 2016, 05:34 dans Technologie 0

The medium chosen for backing up data depends on the volume of data, and also the nature of the data.

The most common type of media backup used is CD-R and CD-RW. The first one is cheap but you will use a lot of them for a full backup storage because they hold only 650 MB of data. The second is more expensive but has the ability to be written on again and again. It is a good choice for obtaining backups, and is one of the favourite choices in both domestic and corporate spheres. It is cheap, portable and compatible with several file formats.

External Hard Drives: For larger data storage backup requirements, external hard drives are excellent solutions. Arrays or stacks of hard drives are available for corporate purposes. Several hundreds gigabytes (e.g. 320GB or 500GB) is common size for hard-drives. You can even find 1 TeraBytes hard drives now.

These are the new favourites all over the world. The storage space of flash drives is constantly increasing. The common  huawei storage space of USB device is 4GB, 8GB and 16GB now. And the price of USB device drops rapidly. It does not require a separate software or booting up of the machine to start functioning, and it is very convenient to share the data stored on them.

DVD is a good choice for backing up data. It may not be as cheap as the CD, but offers better quality, and has more space. It can hold around 4GB of data. DVD supposed to be last longer than CD.

Online and Offline Storage Spaces: These are "spaces" provided by professional firms, and are extremely secure for sensitive data online storage. But you need to rely on the provider services. The quality and security are all depends on the services provided by the company.

You can choose your backup medium according to your specific needs, like the backup and storage volumn, frequency, restore process and also your budget.

Isaac Chu is Project Director of Evinco Solutions Limited. Evinco provides innovative business software, include emarketing web solutions, email marketing software, e-catalog publishing software, invoicing software, and electronic cheque writer.

The recently launched online backup service

Le 6 juillet 2016, 08:22 dans Technologie 0 is proud to announce it's in-depth review and expose of GotBackup, the recently launched online backup service. GotBackup is the "new kid on the block" in the competitive, ever-changing field of automatic data backup solutions and cloud storage.

"One click" installation: Easy to use interface Completely unlimited file storage: No limits, no restrictions Backup of folders, drives and even network storage devices (NAS) AES-256 bit military grade encryption (transfer and storage) File versioning (up to 30 backups kept per file) & deleted file recovery Windows or Mac (identical experience on both platforms for seamless use) User controlled bandwidth throttling: Set it to max or dial it back Multiple data centers worldwide: Faster transfers and better data protection 24/7 live support via chat and email

The goal KarlsReviews set for itself was to see how well GotBackup fared against the competition and determine if it lived up to it's claims. The detailed review explores these questions and more.

Click here to read the full, uncut review for the whole story.
The GotBackup online backup service was found to have most of the same features as established industry leaders, and a few unique ones. The more or less "standard" features include:

"I put GotBackup through it's paces on one of our heavily used computers. Installation was fast and easy, and overall, the software performed as expected," said Karl of KarlsReviews. "There were quite a few things I really liked about this particular online backup service -- it is really fast -- and a few I didn't."

Features that were found to be unusual or unique to GotBackup include:
File sync across all devices: Desktop, tablet, cell phone, laptop, etc. Real-time streaming of movies and music from anywhere, to any device Up to five computers or devices on a single plan • Access to files via web, iOS, Android, Windows and even Blackberry

Currently, GotBackup has a $1 one week trial for it's online storage backup service, and stands behind it's service with a 30 day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

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